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Looming over all is the massive façade of the Basilica of St. Peter and a lofty campanile topped by the famous golden cockerel that everyone believed would some day crow […]

St.Peter Square in The Vatican City

St.Peter Square Bernini’s gargantuan colonnade, 196 m (640 ft) across, embraces the hordes of worshippers and tourist arriving at St.Peter square. Its the perfect ellipse is […]

Rome Vatican City

Rome Vatican City Rome City Centre – Rome Vatican City – Sistine Chapel Information  Vatican Museums (Musei Vaticani) – Viale Vaticano, Rome, Italy – Vatican City Tours Rome Vatican […]

Rome in just one day

 Rome in just One day  The Best of Rome In One Day, Rome in one day guided tours, Rome in a day sightseeing tours PRIVILEGED ENTRANCE. NO WAITING! […]

Rome Tour by night

Rome Tour by night ROME TOUR SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN AND DISABLED Rome Tour- A romantic evening introduction the cuty by chauffeured limousine, at a time  of day when, […]

Rome main public transportation city centre

How to visit Rome !!!!! Main directions to visit Rome by bus Visiting Rome on foot or by bus is not simple. [ads1]Below you can find […]

Museum of Castel Sant Angelo

 Rome – Museums – Museums in Rome – Museum of Castel Sant Angelo ROME NATIONAL MUSEUM OF CASTEL SANT ANGELO IN ROME  ( MUSEO NAZIONALE DI […]

Private CruiseTour from Civitavecchia to Rome

Rome Cruise connection Tours suitable for children and disables Rome cruise connection tours – After a pleasant stretch along the coast, accompany ed by your English-speaking […]

Vatican City

  Information About the Vatican City in Rome More than just a city, the Vatican (città del Vaticano) is actually the world’s smallest independent sovereign state, established by the Lateran Treaties in […]

Vatican private tours

                                 Vatican private tours – Tours of the Vatican City   […]

Visit Rome in two days, Rome city tours.

How to Visit Rome city  and the Vatican museum in 48 Hours, Rome city best itineraries and suggestions to enjoy Rome city and the Vatican in just two days. Two […]

Rome in one day

Rome in one day – One day sightseeing tour in Rome-How to visit Rome in one day, one day trip in Rome-Vatican museum reserved tickets, no-line […]