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29 August 2014
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29 August 2014

Rome Buses and Trams

BUSES IN ROMEBuses and Tram of Rome

ATAC (Agenzia per la Mobilità del Comune di Roma) manages all public transport in Rome. This includes the Met.Ro underground system and TrambusATAC shops with information and tickets are in most stations.ATAC
Tel: 800 431 784/ 06 46951
Website (in Italian)Buses and Trams in RomeTrambus is the local public transportation company in Rome.There are two companies providing bus service in Rome: COTRAL(Compagnia Trasporti Laziali) and ATAC.COTRAL
At: Via G. Carducci 2, 00187 Rome
Tel: 06 57031 Website (in Italian)Lines and timetables may be consulted on the website: Click here In Rome, the main bus stations are:AnagninaLepantoPonte MammoloTerminiLaurentina,MaglianaSanta RubraTiburtina.There are also bus stations inRietoLatinaViterbo andFrosinone.There are six tram routes running inRome, and although they serve nearly all parts of the city, most of the lines serve eastern Rome to the east of the Termini railway station.New environmentally friendly trams have recently been introduced to theRome tram system.Bus and tram routes operate in the city of Rome from 05:30-24:00Night buses operate from 00:10-05:30 (follow the “N” signs)Buying a TicketTickets are sold in tobacconists andnewsstands in Rome and Lazio, inATAC shops and automated ticket machines in stations.The integrated ticket, Metrebus, allows the ticket holder access to all public transport in Rome (excluding the direct rail link between Terminiand Fiumicino Airport).Tickets must be bought before the start of the journey, from any metro station or authorized vendor.Season tickets (monthly or annual) give access to all public transport services within the Metropolitan area of Rome:

  • CIS (weekly) tickets are valid for seven days on all public transport within the metropolitan area of Rome
  • BIG (daily) tickets are valid for one day
  • BIT (75-minute) tickets are valid for up to 75 minutes on ATAC transport for one trip on the metro and one trip on any metro-type train in second class
  • The Roma Pass provides three days’ access to most museumsand monuments as well as most public transport in Rome.They can be purchased in Tourist Information Offices (Punti Informativi Turistici – PIT), all participating museums andmonuments as well as in other locations.For the Roma Pass website: Click here

Ticket ValidationAll tickets for transportation must be validated before the start of the journey, using the validation machines located at the entry gates of themetro stations, within the entrance area of all rail stations and at the rear of buses and trams.During the journey, a ticket inspector may ask to see the ticket; a passenger without one may be fined.

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