Rome Mystery tour

World War II battlefield tour Anzio
2 September 2014
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2 October 2014

Rome Mystery tour

Rome Coliseum

Rome walking Tour – Guided tours in Roma

Rome Mystery tour follows a special itinerary designed to discover Hidden Masterpieces of the eternal city


Rome Mystery tour  A walk in Rome with an expert tour guide No one leaves Rome without seeing the Coliseum or Vatican, but what they do miss…is what Makes Rome so magical. Join us as we take you through winding, cobbled side streets and show you sites not marked on the maps, stories not told in the books and secrets rarely shared.

Rome walking Tour will lead you from Hidden Masterpieces to Secret Catacombs, lost monuments and the even the best espresso in the world. if you think you have seen all of Rome, Let us prove you wrong and thrill you with the intrigue of Rome’s renaissance. 7

Rome Mystery tour

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Mysteries of Rome tour.

duration: 2hours approx

Days: Mon 9:45 wed 9:45. fri 9:00

Cost 30 per adult, 25 students, children 15




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