Rome walking tours

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27 April 2014
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4 May 2014

Rome walking tours

Rome walking Tours Rome tour


First part (3 hours about)

Rome walking Tours – Stroll by the Campo de Fiori, favorite spot of  the Roman “movida” and dive European nobles during the Grand Tour era as well as haunt of poets, writers and painters in the Romantic age. Pass Palazzo Chigi, seat of the government and the nearby Italian.
Parliament as you make your way to Piazza Navona, most loved meeting place of Romans today and embellished by Bernini’s fountains and the Pamphlet Palace.
Circle around and drive to the Quirinal Palace, official residence of the Italian President originally built by Popes in the 1580s as their splendid summer residence. Descend to the cascading waters of the Trevi Fountain, the grandest of Rome’s baroque fountains, still fed by an ancient 19 BC roman aqueduct and toss a coin into its gushing sprays to propitiate a sure return-visit to the Eternal City.
Soon after jumping in to Piazza Navona to admire the wonderful architecture of the Baroque made in 1600 by Bernini and Borromini. A few steps to reach the Pantheon and linger to watch the beautiful open dome made it the second century by Emperor Hadrian in 120 BC. Here in this beautiful environment lies the most elegant and refined artist of the Renaissance, Raphael Sanzio da Urbino. A short break to enjoy the best coffee in Rome and behind the corner the symbol of the “La Dolce Vita”, Trevi Fountain.
Cascades of water pouring noisily into a large bowl surrounded by tourists make this place unique in the world. Here, each visitor throws a coin and make a wish, it is said that the desire is fulfilled only if it remains a secret. Stroll by the Spanish Steps, favorite spot of European nobles during the Grand Tour era as well as haunt of poets, writers and painters in the Romantic age and now days one of the preferred spots of the Italian fashion’s stylists (Valentino, Gucci, Armani, Missoni, Dolce&Gabbana, ecc…


Second part (3 hours about)

Take the Metro with our tour guide and reach the Vatican City to discover the Vatican museum Vatican, containing one of the largest and most
spectacular art display in the World, including the ancient Roman and Greek statuary collection of the Renaissance popes, Belvedere courtyard, Muse’s rooms, Circular room with Hercules, Greek cross room with Constantine’s sarcophagus, the Gallery of Maps overlooking the Vatican Gardens, Raphael’s rooms and finally  Michelangelo’s breathtaking Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel.
You will journey through the history and the secret enveloping the Catholic Church and listen to the stories of rivalries of the Renaissance artists. Walking through the Basilica of St. Peter you’ll marvel at the masterpieces of the Baroque greatness Bernini (his Canopy is the largest bronze object in the world) and at the awe-inspiring As you walk below the Basilica, through dimly-lit tunnels towards, our guides will indicate you the Vatican Grottos the resting place of many popes, and you will also, individually have the chance to stop by the tomb of Pope John Paul II. Pieta by Michelangelo.
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Campo de’ Fiori


6 hours



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