World War II battlefield tour Anzio

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World War II battlefield tour Anzio

The battlefield tour of Anzio is an unforgettable experience to retrace the places of the Landing of Anzio which took place on 22th January 1944.  You will have the chance to travel over again the places of Anzio and the areas of the Liberation from the Nazifascists which occurred on 4th June 1944.

You will visit the areas adjacent to the beaches such as for example PETER BEACH and X-RAY BEACH. Furthermore, you will walk through the trenches and the individual wadis of American and British soldiers.

We will also guide you to the Caves of Aprilia,the scenery of the German Counteroffensive (also known as OPERATION FISCHFANG), which took place in February 1944. Here, the 45th American Infantry Division lost all its men together with 3 British battalions who provide their help.

We will visit a complex of Caves (6 meters high and 4 meters wide) long about 2 kilometers where our guides will explain you what happened on those dramatic days from 16th to 20th February 1944.

Then, we will walk along the wadis which characterise the area of Aprilia (Carroceto) where the Allied troops fought a real trench warfare… You will see the famous flyover of Campo di Carne, found just on the German defensive line, where about 5000 soldiers for each of the two sides were lost.

The tour will also give you the possibility to visit the War Cemeteries (American or British upon request).

Finally, our offer also includes: transportation from and to the hotel, historical guide, interpreter, lunch based on typical and traditional local dishes (fish or meat as you prefer).







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