Rome Biopark in Villa Borghese,Villa borghese,Zoo of Rome,Zoological Garden

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Rome Biopark in Villa Borghese,Villa borghese,Zoo of Rome,Zoological Garden

Things to do in the Zoo of Rome, Zoological Garden of Villa Borghese!!

[ads1]The ” Bioparco in Rome” offers families a rich and varied calendar of events all year round. All visitors can participate at different activities such as: theatrical shows and exhibitions,  interactive teaching labs,  zoological and botanical guided tours, the opportunity to know the staff members and actively participate in some of the work of the staff, such as, feeding the animals.



The “Bioparco” also offers the following activities and services:

  • Birthday parties in the Zoo of Rome
    It is possible to organize “nature based” parties, birthday parties for children or other occasions  all year round.

                             ( For information contact: )

  •  “Bioparco Express”

A different way of visiting the “Bioparco” by riding around on a small train.

  •   Lake oasis and children’s area
    Relax on the lakeside whilst, safely, your children can have fun in the animal ark, a large ship with obstacle course, games, slides and swings.
  • “Bioparco” Weekends
    Every weekend the “Bioparco” organizes:

Animal feeding, a unique chance to learn more about the animals and on other aspects connected with the natural            environment and its conservation.

A one-to-one meeting with the Children’s Farm.

Entertainment with shows, workshops and games.


The amenities in the Zoo of Rome :
– “Caffè del Parco”, with a snack bar, self-service restaurant and roof garden
– 3 snack bars

– Restaurant “Mascagni”
– Picnic areas
– Location for conferences, conventions and galas

 – Playground
– Sensory trail for blind people
– Bookshop
– Free parking at the entrance

– Animal feeding
– Animal discovering activities
– Entertainment, shows, workshops

History of the Zoological Garden of Rome.

[ads1]”Bioparco” of Rome has a great story. Was founded in 1908 by a group of lenders who founded the “public company to a zoo” withthe aim of creating a place for attraction and entertainment. At that time, the concept of Zoo was different now, and it has created for recreational purposes, but now is the knowledge and science. The first objective of the Zoo is the fun of the people, the beauty of itsanimals. The zoo was created  by Carl Hagenbeck in 1911 and in the early years has become one of the largest zoos in the world, surpassing the gardens of Berlin and Paris too.
After the first few years the reputation of the structure began to descend slowly, so the only way to grow has become an extension of the zoo. In 1926 was projected extension of 5 hectares. In 1933, the architect Raffaele De Vico began its work in 1935 and opened a new area of the zoo, and the new main points became the aviary and reptile house. In 1970, the reptile house was closed for the awful situations that it was the restructuring during 9 years and the new structure in 1983. “Bioparco” is now one of Europe’s oldestzoos. The research carried out by zoo still plays an important role, particularly in the study of aspects of life of the animals that are a bit ‘elusive and reserved, making them difficult to observe in natural habitat. A number of different studies are carried out at the Bio-park, all of which are designed to learn more about various aspects of veterinary and eco-ethological needs of the animals housed.
The purpose of this research is to enrich the scientific knowledge that is already available, is to increase the welfare of animals during”Bioparco” and acquire new knowledge that can contribute to the protection of wildlife in danger of extinction.

Bioparco di roma Google Maps


The Zoo, the Zoological Garden of Rome, is located in Piazzale the Zoological Gardens n. 1 and is easily accessible from the centerby tram, bus or metro.

  • Tram: No. 19 – stop ‘Bioparco’
  • Bus: No. 3, 52, 53, 926, 217, 360, 910
  • Metro: Red Line station ‘Flaminio’ and ‘Spain’
  • Car: exit ‘Salaria center – Parioli’ the GRA


If you come by train!!

  • Simply place the speakers on the Zoo train ticket to travel by trains Frecciarossa/ Frecciargento/City Frecciabianca/ES/ES */IC/EXP to Rome to get a discount of € 4 per person.
  • With Frecciarossa: from Turin Porta Nuova in 4h30 ‘from Milan in no stop in 2h 59’, from Naples in 1h10 ‘
  • With Frecciargento: from Venice in 3h 46, Bologna in 2h 20 ‘, from Florence to Rome in 1h 33’

The Zoo in Rome  is opened every day of the year except for 25 December Christmas day.

(Entrance is possible until one hour before the closing time of the Zoo)



  • From 1st January at 29th March:
    09:30-17:00 (Monday  – Sunday)
    Last enter at 16:00
  • From 30th March to 27 October:
    09:30-18:00 (Monday  – Sunday)
    Last enter at 17:00
  • From 28 October at 31 December:
    09:30-17:00 (Monday  – Sunday)
    Last enter at 16:00


  • EXTENDED HOURS From 30 march at 29 September :
    ONLY Saturday, Sunday 09:30-19:00
     (The Zoo opens in the night: only for special occasions)



NOTICE:  In respect of the animals needs, the following sectors will close:

  • FELINES (lions, lynx, leopards, tigers) 60 minutes before the closing of the Zoo
  • SCIMPANZÉ 45 minutes before the closing of the Zoo
  • GIRAFFE, BEARS, ELEPHANTS 30 minutes before the closing of the Zoo
  • REPTILARIUM 60 minutes before the closing of the Zoo


IMPORTANT: Is not allowed take in the Zoo:  dogs or others animals,  an exception for the guide dogs.


The ticket price includes all events and entertainment that are performed on Saturdays and Sundays.


• € 14.00 for the adults


• € 12.00 for:
– Children of high over the 1 meter and up to 12 years old
– Soldiers, law enforcement (with the card)
– Over 65 every days (excluding the Wednesday, that cost € 4.00*)
– Groups for free visit (number minimum of 15 paying)


• Free Entrance for:
– Children of high under 1 meter
– Peoples with handicap


For schools and groups can book a visit to “Bioparco” by sending an email request to our staff will respond to your request.




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