Catacombs of San Valentino

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14 August 2013
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14 August 2013

Catacombs of San Valentino

Information about the Catacombs of San Valentino

The catacomb of Valentine’s Day is a catacomb of Rome, on the second mile of the Via Flaminia, now in Viale Marshal Pilsudski in the modern Pinciano.

Discovered by the archaeologist Antonio Bosio, who lived in the sixteenth and seventeenth century, was the first to enter the catacomb of St. Valentine, the top level, now no longer visible. The first archaeologist to dig and instead bring to light the remains of the ancient catacomb was Horace Marucchi in 1878, in search of the cemetery, he went in to the event in a cellar at the foot of the hill of Parioli, and realized that in fact it was an environment funeral covered with paintings, although much ruined due to the adaptation of the environment to agricultural use. It was the same Marucchi then to discover the remains of the basilica dedicated to the saint outside. New excavations and studies were undertaken in 1949 by Bruno Maria Apollonj Ghetti.

Tour of the catacombs
These excavations have allowed us to ascertain that the martyr Saint Valentine was not buried in the catacombs, but directly in a earth graves outside it
further restored in the following centuries until the last work contracted out by Pope Nicholas II in the middle of the eleventh century. In this century we also have the testimony of a monastery next to the Basilica.

It was also established that during the sixth century, between the basilica and catacombs, a necropolis was built outdoors, consisting of mausoleums, tombs and sarcophagi.
Today the catacomb was originally imposed on three levels, there is almost nothing, especially due to the flood and landslide involving the area in 1986 and made ​​inaccessible most of the galleries. The only artifacts of some importance are outside the basilica and the ambulatory discovered by Marucchi in 1878 and located at the entrance of the catacomb.

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