Catacombs of Sant’Agnese

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14 August 2013
Catacombs of the Villa Torlonia
14 August 2013

Catacombs of Sant’Agnese

Information about Catacombs of Sant’Agnese

The catacomb of Saint Agnes is a catacomb of Rome, on the second mile of the Via Nomentana, within the monumental complex of St. Agnes Outside the Walls, in the modern Trieste.

The name derives from that of the catacomb of Saint Agnes, virgin and martyr, the only martyr remembered by old documents buried in this catacomb. Uncertain is the date of his martyrdom, which dates back to one of the persecutions against the Christians of the third century
The oldest literary testimony is that of Depositio martyrum (first half of the fourth century): it is said that his dies natalis (ie the day of his death) is January 21, and was buried in the cemetery on the Nomentana, which the Depositio already called her. This information is repeated in the poem of Pope Damasus I (366-384) carved on marble slab from his calligrapher Furius Dionysius Philocalus: This slab reused as paving slab and discovered by chance, it is now located in the narthex of the church of Sant ‘Agnes outside the Walls.


Other influential testimonies on the life of the martyr Agnes comes to us from the writings of some of the Fathers of the Church: the De virginibus and anthem Agnes Beatae virginis of Ambrose of Milan, and Peristephanon of Prudentius. Of the fifth century is the “Passio sanctae Agnetis”, which merges the previous witnesses in an attempt doxological and hagiographic.

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