Entertainments Parks in Rome

11 July 2013

Elenco Parchi divertimenti a Roma

Elenco Parchi divertimenti a Roma Elenco Parchi divertimenti a Roma – Ecco una lista di tutti i parchi divertimenti a Roma, trova il parco divertimenti, leggi […]
4 June 2013

Zoomarine theme park in Rome

About Zoomarine Zoomarine is the amusement park for excellence in Rome, thanks to its many attractions you can participate in shows: dolphins Sea Lions seals parrots […]
18 May 2013

Bioparco – Zoo in Rome

Information The Bio-park of Rome has a long history, initially conceived as the zoo in 1908 from an organization that wanted to use the area of […]
18 May 2013

Hydromania il Parco Acquatico Di Roma

Hydromania è uno dei parchi acquatici più conosciuti in tutta roma, questo permette di scappare dal caldo torrido romano, trovando sollievo in una delle piscine del […]
15 March 2013

Entertainments Pubs and Disco

Information about  entertainments in Rome: Rome by night offers many opportunities for recreation and entertainment. Whether you’re looking for Roman something special or ordinary tourists. Places […]
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