Rome Districts

24 April 2014

The Gianicolo

The Gianicolo does not count as one of the official seven hills of Rome, but many Romans would argue it is the prettiest, overlooking the City  from the west, […]
24 April 2014

Monti Quarter

Rome – Rome information about Rome City centre of Rome, Rome information about Imperial Forum – Saint Peter in chains – Moses of Michelangelo in Rome, […]
24 January 2014


The centre of Fidenae, in the north-east suburb of Rome, has yielded various indications of the Iron Agesettlement. The most famous finding is a late 9th century dwelling […]
3 December 2013


Flaminio is the first neighborhood of Rome, is located near the Aurelian Walls, between the left side of the Via Flaminia and the Tiber. It is […]
18 June 2013

The district of Trastevere

Rome Trastevere – The district of Trastevere in Rome The residents of Trastevere speak of themselves as Noiantri “we ourselves”-a tradition celebrated every July with an all-night feast, but […]
18 June 2013

Rome – Moses of Michelagelo in Rome

Rome Monti quarter – Area around the Coliseum Rome The Monti Quarter (“Monti” in Italian means Mounts) lies just behind the Imperial Forum and it is one of the oldest sections […]
18 June 2013

Rome, tours of the Jewish ghetto

Rome the Jewish quarter – Ghetto Ebraico and Synagogue in Rome   During the early years and throughout the Middle Ages, the roman Jews had no problems in living […]
15 April 2013

Rome Gay Areas

Gay Village is hold in summer for 3 months. It is a long gay festival that has many parties and events from the begin of June till […]
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