Rome Museums

22 March 2016

Hall of Fame Museum

Would you like to meet Valentino Rossi, Federica Pellegrini, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Magic Johnson or Pelè? They have a house in Rome, the international Sports hall […]
20 October 2014

Vatican Gardens

Vatican Gardens in The Vatican City – Information about Rome information about the Vatican Gardens in the Vatican city – Official Guided tours in Vatican Garden […]
20 October 2014


Looming over all is the massive façade of the Basilica of St. Peter and a lofty campanile topped by the famous golden cockerel that everyone believed would some day crow […]
20 October 2014


Sistine Chapel has been one of Rome’s chief tourist attractions ever since the day in 1512 when the weary, paint spattered Michelangelo finally unlocked the door. […]
28 August 2014

The Bath of Diocletian

The Bath of Diocletian. Begun by the emperors Diocletian and Maximian in 302 A.D. and finished in the year 305. These baths, the largest of ancient […]
26 January 2014

Rome Antique Carriages Museum

Rome – Museums – Museums in Rome – Antique Carriages Museum in Rome Permanent exibition ( ANTIQUE CARRIAGES MUSEUM IN ROME ) Museums in Rome – Rome Antique […]
26 January 2014

Rome Mint Museum

Rome Museums – Mint Museum in Rome – Rome Mint Museum – Italy Rome Museums – Mint Museum in Rome – Rome Mint Museum – Rome […]
26 January 2014

Rome Pasta Museum

Rome Museums – Rome Pasta Museum – Museums in Rome – Italy Rome Museums – Rome Pasta Museum – Museums in Rome – Italy – Behind Piazza Fontana […]
26 January 2014

Rome Police Car Museum

Rome – Museum – Museum in Rome – Police Car Museum of Rome ROME MUSEO DELLE AUTO DELLA POLIZIA DI STATO – STATE MUSEUM OF THE POLICE […]
26 January 2014

Museum Tassiano

Rome – Museum – Museum in Rome – Museum Tassiano ROME MUSEUM TASSIANO IN ROME ( MUSEO TASSIANO ) The museum is housed in the premises run […]
26 January 2014

Rome nativity scene Museum

Rome – Museum – Museum of Rome – Museum of Nativity Scenes INTERNATIONAL Museum of Nativity Scenes of Rome – ( MUSEO INTERNAZIONALE TIPOLOGICO DEL PRESEPE ) Rome nativity […]
26 January 2014

Museum Of Music

Rome – Museum – Museum in Rome – Museum Of Music NATIONAL MUSEUM OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS   (MUSEO NAZIONALE DEGLI STRUMENTI MUSICALI )   The Museum was inaugurated […]
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