Rome Tourist Attractions

29 August 2014

Rome Top Attractions Information

Information about top attractions: tours, guided tours, sightseeing and excursions  Rome – Braschi Palace – in Rome Address: Via di San Pantaleo Telephone:  06/67108346. Opening hours: 9 […]
28 August 2014

Rome entertainment in Rome Information

How can I find information about the Opera or other entertainments in Rome ? How can I spent night life in Rome ? Rome – Food […]
25 January 2014

Roman Forum

Roman Forum Proceeding along what is now the Via dei Fori Imperiali, which joins Piazza Venezia to the Coliseum, we cross the area in the heart of the city where a whole […]
25 January 2014

Stadium of Dominitian

STADIUM OF DOMITIAN  ( STADIO DI DOMIZIANO ) This is an important example of a circus in masonry, the extent of which is represented by the area […]
25 January 2014

Villa of Maxentius

ROME VILLA OF MAXENTIUS ( VILLA DI MASSENZIO) ON THE ANCIENT APIAN WAY IN ROME A villa located at the third mile of the Appian Way has been […]
25 January 2014

Mausoleum of Augustus

ROME MAUSOLEUM OF AUGUSTUS ( MAUSOLEO DI AUGUSTO ) IN ROME ITALY This is a tomb which Augustus Caesar had built for himself and his family after the victorious campaign inEgypt which ended in the […]
25 January 2014

Jewish Ghetto

The archaeological area between the Via del Mare and the old ghetto has undergone important work over the last decade which has partly changed its appearance. The complex of the Porticus of […]
24 January 2014

Aurelian Walls

ROME MUSEUM OF THE AURELIAN WALLS IN ROME (MUSEO DELLE MURA) The Museum, whose current set-up was established in 1990, is housed inside the Appia gate, better known […]
14 August 2013

Catacombs of Sant’Agnese

Information about Catacombs of Sant’Agnese The catacomb of Saint Agnes is a catacomb of Rome, on the second mile of the Via Nomentana, within the monumental complex […]
14 August 2013

Catacombs of San Valentino

Information about the Catacombs of San Valentino The catacomb of Valentine’s Day is a catacomb of Rome, on the second mile of the Via Flaminia, now in […]
14 August 2013

Catacombs of San Pancrazio

Information About Catacombs of San Pancrazio The catacomb of San Pancrazio (also known as Ottavilla) is a catacomb of Rome, located on the Via Aurelia, in the […]
14 August 2013

Catacombs of San Callisto

Information about Catacombs of San Callisto The Catacombs of San Callisto are in the so-called area callistiana, between the Appian Way, the street and the street Ardeatina […]
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