Cooking class at ChefLab

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Walks of Rome – Itineraries and walking tours to visit Rome
13 January 2015
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3 February 2016

Cooking class at ChefLab


Discover the authentic traditional Italian cooking in Rome and create mouthwatering Italian dishes with professional chefs.
ChefLab is a cooking school and gastronomic cultural association centre promoting Italian food and wine culture.
ChefLab’s classes are hands-on: come, cook and learn the secrets of Italian cuisine!!!
You will love spending time learning the art of Italian cuisine with professional chefs, and after cooking you will enjoy the meal prepared together accompanied by good Italian wine to enhance the taste of any single dish!
Perfect fresh pasta, delicious saltimbocca, gorgeous dessert…in ChefLab’s professional kitchen, furnished with cutting edge tools and top quality materials, you will find a friendly atmosphere and you will cook traditional Italian food with local ingredients of the highest quality.
ChefLab’s cooking classes are available to anybody, beginners or more experienced people. The classes are great fun for adults and also highly recommended for kids.

Our proposals

  • Pasta making class
  • Menù tradizione
  • Menù gourmet
  • The taste of Rome

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