Easter Information-Easter in Rome-Rome-Italy

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5 March 2013
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5 March 2013

Easter Information-Easter in Rome-Rome-Italy

Information about the ritual and traditions of Easter:

Easter is one of the most important festivals of the Christian tradition: as in the Orthodox tradition, celebrates, in fact, the resurrection of Christ as the Passover celebrates the deliverance of the Jews from Egypt by Moses.The date of Easter is different every year and is in the Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox (March 21): Easter, therefore, falls from March 22 (if March 21 is Saturday and it is full moon) 25 April.

This feast is preceded by Lent, a period of 40 days of fasting and abstinence, which in turn follows the Carnival celebrations.
The week before Easter is called Holy Week, and is distinguished by special liturgies. The Sunday before Easter is Palm Sunday: the blessing of the palms and olive branches to commemorate the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, the crowd waving palm branches.
On Holy Thursday there is the washing of the feet, in memory of the gesture made by Jesus during the Last Supper. Good Friday is dedicated to the celebration of the Via Crucis which traces the passion of Christ, and the Holy Saturday is the only day of the year when no Mass is celebrated and is not imparted to the traditional egg Comunione.Oltre Easter, which always contains a surprise inside, Christians also exchange best wishes for a Happy Easter.


Easter in Rome:

Rome is widely considered to be the “eternal city” because there from time immemorial, its glory and prestige have expanded so much to become the largest empire the world has ever known.

All that was Rome in the past has left so indelible that it is still visible to this day, making this city not only one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, but also an inexhaustible source of information about the history of artistic, cultural, social and religious life of our country.

The period of Easter is perfect for visiting Rome, both in terms of climate, both in terms “tourist” since the flow of visitors are slightly below average and the city is still the same opportunities reserved for periods greater flow of tourists.

In fact, as each year that you also meet this 2013, the city of Rome has decided to make special celebration of the Passover offering visitors numerous events related not only to the world of culture, but also in that of religion, with numerous exhibitions realized upon the holidays.
In this context, we try to provide some tips for those to spend the Easter holidays at the same time and visit the wonders that are in Rome.

For those wishing to spend Easter or Easter surrounded by nature, but at the same time surrounded by the cultural and historical heritage Roman you can make a picnic at the Caffarella Park, known as the Appian Way Regional Park. A site located in the countryside between Rome and the Alban Hills as well as being able to take walks on foot or by bike you can visit the archaeological park contained within it, including the ancient Roman aqueducts, Via Appia and the tombs of the Via Latina . Also with regard to the nature and animals, you can spend a beautiful day in the park Zoological Rome.

For those who are passionate about music and sacred art March 24 to 31 will be open to the sixteenth edition of the “Easter Festival” to be held in the most important basilicas of the Roman soil, offering visitors the opportunity to attend an event known throughout the world and also to visit the most important religious places of the capital. The event will conclude on day 31 with the annual Easter concert.

Among the various sightseeing options for the Easter period also suggest that at Castel Sant’Angelo, where it is currently hosted the exhibition “The path of Peter” with numerous sculptures and paintings on Christianity.

Fans of Italian cinema? Do not miss also the exhibitions dedicated to Vittorio de Sica at the Ara Pacis and Alberto Sordi at the Vittoriano.

If you are faithful, Easter Day is the perfect opportunity to follow the Holy Father’s blessing Live from St. Peter at 12.

Among the most important scientific exhibitions of this period, you can visit one dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci on display at the Palace of the Chancellery. Regarding exhibitions and historical sites you can visit the new discoveries found at the Baths of Caracalla and the exhibition dedicated to the great emperors of the Roman history in the Capitoline Museums. Exhibitions dedicated to the history of the most important of the period are those dedicated to Titian at the Quirinal Stables and Canova at the Palazzo Braschi. Other important places to visit are definitely the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, the Vatican Museums, the Trevi Fountain and Piazza del Popolo.

Finally, after having seen a number of exhibitions and events is inevitable a tour of the most famous shopping streets in Rome where you can visit the boutiques of the most famous fashion designers in the fashion world.

Easter Monday in Rome:

Easter is followed by another public holiday, Easter Monday, commonly called Easter, which commemorates the apparition of the angel who announced the resurrection of Christ to the women who had gone to visit the tomb and found it empty.
The feast of Easter Monday was established in Italy in the Second World War to “strengthen” the Easter holidays: it is traditionally dedicated to picnics and travel.

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Some information about the week of Easter, Programs and Events:

Sunday, March 24, Palm Sunday and Passion of the Lord: Start the week of services with this special event to kick off Holy Week in Rome. This Papal Mass takes place at Saint Peter’s Square at 9:30 am The service includes the Blessing of the Palms, Procession and Holy Mass. Oftentimes the Pope will dedicated a portion of time to send a special message to the world’s youth.

Thursday, March 28, Holy Thursday: Beginning at 9:30 am at the Vatican Basilica, Mass Chrismal this is a special event since morning mass is not the norm. Hours later, at 5:30 pm, at the Basilica of Saint John Lateran, there is the Mass of the Lord’s Supper and the beginning of the Paschal Triduum. This Mass commemorates Christ bathing the feet of the Apostles.

Friday, March 29, Good Friday: Expect the crowds to really take shape today and continuing to pick up steam the entire weekend. At 5 pm at the Vatican Basilica, the Papal Mass takes place, celebrating the passion of the Lord. Then, at 9:15 pm at the Colosseum, there is the Way of the Cross, where the Pope (and onlookers) traces the Stations of the Cross from the Colosseum to Palatine Hills in a torch-lit procession. Other than Easter Sunday’s Mass, this event is one of the most spectacular ones to attend.

Saturday, March 30, Holy Saturday: Get a spot early for this event, the Papal Mass and Easter Vigil, Which begins at 9 pm During this Mass, Those who have converted are accepted into the church.

Sunday, March 31, Easter: There are two morning services today. The first, the Holy Mass of the Day, is at Saint Peter’s Square at 10:15 am Then, at noon at Central Loggia of the Vatican Basilica, is the “Urbi et Orbi” message and blessing. By far, this is the crowning glory of all Of These services. The Pope takes center stage in front of the visitors (of all faiths) and address the crowd in St. Peter’s Square. Amongst the historic structures, the Pope stands from his balcony overlooking the Vatican and speaks to Those in attendance (and Those watching along on television).

Sticking around after Easter? Following the week the holiday is Culture Week. During this week, Rome’s city and state-run museums and galleries are free to enter. In Additions, there are special events, concerts and more.



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