Finding the Quirky Side of Rome

Rome opera dinner at Sunset
4 May 2014
Unique Bars and Restaurants in Rome
23 August 2014

Finding the Quirky Side of Rome

Rome is one of the most widely-recognised tourist destinations in the world, from the towering Coliseum to the Trevi Fountain, there is no end to the fascinating, iconic sites to be seen here.


For many, Rome has become an ideal location for a short-stay city break—but a longer stay, with the right knowledge and insight into local life can really create a holiday of a lifetime here, one in which steps away from the normal tourist model. While the many tourist sites in Rome are a definite must see on any trip to Italy, this really is just the surface of a wealth of culture and history that is offered in this extremely diverse city. Here is a look into some of the quirkier things to see and do when visiting Rome, to make your vacation that bit more unique and personalised to you and what your holiday party needs and wants.

By Susie Lowell

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