Important Churches and Basilicas In Rome

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24 January 2014
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24 January 2014

Important Churches and Basilicas In Rome

Rome Church of Santa Croce in Flaminio

A XX century Church it contains an ancient and precious relic: a piece of the holy cross, from which derives its present name.


Rome Church of  S. Andrea sulla via Flaminia

Built in 1556 by Pope Julius III , it has the shape of a small temple. The interior is simple and rather bare.


Rome Church of  S. Anna dei Palafrenieri

Erected in 1572, the church recalls the devoted grooms who helped the knights mount and dismount their fiery horses.


Rome Church of  San Giacomo in Augusta

It owes its name to neighboring mausoleum of Augustus and was built in the XIV century. Its chapels contain many masterpieces.


Rome Church of  SS. Gesù and Maria

Today dedicated to St. Rita of Cascia, it was built in 600. Really splendid the canopy of the main altar.


Rome Church of  St. Maria in Augusta

Built in 1523 during a terrible plague epidemic, the church is full of frescoes, plaster casts and polychrome marbles.


Rome Church of  Santa Maria del Popolo

It was built around 1000 A.D. , in one of its chapels there are two masterpieces of the great Caravaggio.


Rome Church of  St. Anastasio

Built in 1583, it is impressive for its numerous golden and multicolored furnishings.


Rome Church of  St. Maria dei Miracoli

The twin of the adjoining church situated  in the same square, it derives its name from the miraculous picture of the Holy Virgin.


Rome Church of  Evangelica Inglese Ognissanti

It is a classic example of gothic revival . In point of fact the right to practice the Anglican religion dates back to the XIX century.


Rome Church of  San Rocco

Built during the XV century its neoclassic façade was realized by Valadier.


Rome Church of Sant Orsola

Today many Roman Churches have been unhallowed and assigned to various other uses. One of these is this church which has become a theatre.


Rome Church of  S. Maria in Montesanto

The church and its various art masterpieces date back to the 18th century. Truly breathtaking is the concave façade .


Rome Church of  SS. Ambrogio e Carlo al Corso

Completely   rebuilt during the XVIII century, its beautiful dome was realised by Pietro da Cortona


Rome Church of  SS. Trinità dei Monti

In 1945 was founded by the French still keep some remains of the beautiful gothic architecture.


Rome Church of s  SS. Re Magi

By Bernini, was completed by Borromini who altered the work of his rival.


Rome Church of  S. Giuseppe a Capo Le Case

The most strange and beautiful art work of this Church is the Scala Santa’s Chapel decorated with beautiful plasters.


Rome Church of San Basilio

This narrow façade among the other buildings is cery simple like the painted roof. The mass is celebrated in Greek.


Rome Church of ant’Isidoro

The beautiful façade was realized in the pure Rococo’s style. If you want to visit it ask the permission to the Irish friars.


Rome Church of S. Maria della Concezione

You better visit the five subterranean chapels containing the bones and skulls of the 4000 brothers who were buried here.


Rome Church of SS. Idelfonso e Tommaso da Villanova

The only artistic item is the great altar in relief and in marble in the first crape on the right.


Rome Church of Santa Susanna

The monumental Baroque façade of this church is a work of Carlo maderno of 1623, and is representative of this area.


Rome Church of San Nicola da Tolentino

It is in restoration. The façade and the interior are nicely decorated.


Rome Church of San Bernardo alle Terme

The little church looks like a little Pantheon, in fact it was a circular tower meant for military needs.


Rome Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli

It is one of the most beautiful Basilica in Rome. The main structure was the Tepidarium of the Terme di Diocleziano.


Rome Church of Santa Maria della Vittoria

It is from 1620. It contains a real jewel of the Baroque’s art. The sculpture of Bernini Estasi di Santa Teresa.


Rome Church of San Lorenzo fuori le Mura

The interiori s large and solemn . the facade is provided with six ancient columns in marble band.


Rome Church of Santa Maria in Traspontina

Built in the 1566. Worthy of note are the war scenes which decorate Santa Barbara’s chapel.


Rome Church of San Lorenzo in Piscibus

The façade is not visible. The apse and bell tower instead date back to the Roman era and can be seen from Borgo S.Spirito.


Rome Church of Santo Spirito in Sassia

Standing on the same spot as the former church of King Ina of Wessex, called Saxorum, it owes its name to this historical fact. Worthy of note is the bell tower.


Rome Church of Oratorio di San Pietro

Visible from the outside is the brick apse with its marble mullioned window. Inside you will find some wonderful 15th century frescoes.


Rome Church of SS. Michele e Magno

Trough a very ancient church, probably dating back to the XVIII century , it has been restored many times and of the original building there remain only the apse and the bell tower.


Rome Church of  Sant’Onofrio

Built in 1419 in honor of the bermit Onofrio, the church has the simple lines typical  of the churches of the XV century. Particularly notable is the choir stall.


Rome Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie alle Fornaci

Dating back to ‘700, derived from the Borrominian style, the Church owes its name to the ancient brickworks once present in this zone.


Rome of Basilica di San Pietro

It is the greatest and magnificent church in the world. From the colonnade of Bernini to the great dome and the famous Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo, everything here is worth seeing and not to be missed.


Rome Church of San Giuseppe alla Lungara

This eighteenth century church still conserves in the presbytery a large shove which recalls the dream of the saint .


Rome Church of Santa Caterina dell Rota

The oldest church of the Regola district, it has a Baroque façade; inside really exceptional is the ancient wooden ceiling.


Rome Church of San Giovanni in Ayno

Worthy of note this former church whose gable- split façade is still quite elegant.


Rome Church of S. Giovanni dei Fiorentini

Built for the numerous Florentine community of the Capital, it employed many artist especially those of Tuscany provenience.


Rome Church of Santa Maria del Monserrato

Dating back to the XVI century, it is the Spanish Church of Rome. Remarkable the Bernini bust of Pedro Foix de Montova.


Rome Church of San Salvatore in Lauro

It owes its name to the bay plants which once grew abundantly along the river banks.

Splendid is the adjacent cloister.


Rome Church of Santa Maria del Suffragio

Its construction was begun in 1662 by the society of Suffrage, but its interiors belong to the XIX century.


Rome Church of Santa Maria Annunziata

It is the exact replica of an eighteenth century church completely destroyed in 1940 so as to give way to Via Conciliazione.


Rome Church of SS. Celso e Giuliano

Here are housed many 18th century paintings, and in one of the chapels is an interesting wooden crucifix of the 16th century


Rome Church of Sant’Elio degli orefici

Ordered in the XVI century by a rich goldsmith guild, it was designed by Raffaello.


Rome Church of Santa Margherita

The only original part remaining of this church is its quite lovely façade . However the building is presently undergoing reconstruction .


Rome Church of San Biagio della Pagnotta

It owes its name to the traditional distribution of blessed bread to the congregation on February 3rd, birthday of S. Biagio.


Rome Church of Santa Caterina da Siena

During the XVI century it was the church of the Sienese community who had settled in this area. It was completely rebuilt in the eighteen century.


Rome Church of Santa Maria dell’Anima

It is the German Church of the Capital. Its interior contains paintings relative to German history


Rome Church of Spirito Santo dei Napoletani

Built in the XIV century, it owes its actual appearance to XIX century restoration. The church contains some very interesting art work.


Rome Church of San Filippo Neri

Worth admiring is the small but really quite beautiful Ragazzini rococo façade.


Rome Church of San Giacomo in Settimiamo

Of very ancient origins, it has been neglected since 1885, and yet still has its own particular allure.


Rome Church of Sant’Agnese in Agone

The symmetrical bell towers and the beautiful concave façade, projected so as to put in evidence the dome, were conceived by Borromini.


Rome Church of Santa Maria della Pace

Erected at the end of the XV century it has a marvelous choir stall designed  by Bramante and the frescoes of the dome are painted by Raffaello.


Rome Church of Santa Croce delle Scalette

Also know as the church of Good Shepherd , it has been closed for many years and its interior stripped of almost all of its art works.


Rome Church of Santa Lucia del Gonfalone

Founded as far back as 1100, it has undergone much restoration work. Quite beautiful are the furniture in the sacristy.


Rome Church of San Nicola dei Lorensi

This little church contains some splendid XVIII century frescoes that decorate the vault, the dome and the apse.


Rome Church of San Tommaso in Parione

It is really ancient, and was in fact devoted in 1139 by the Pope Innocenzo II. Here San Filippo Neri got the holy orders.


Rome Church of San Lorenzo in Lucina

There is really much to admire in this structure. From the caisson ceiling to the Romanesque bell towers, and finally the well-preserved ruins of Roman home.


Rome Church of Pantheon

During the past it was a pagan temple dedicated to all the Gods and it had a rectangular shape. It become a church in 608.


Rome Church of Sant’Eustachio

It is from the paleochristian era. Only the red romantique bell tower is from the original period.


Rome Church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva

It was erected during the 1200 above the Minerva ‘s temple ruins. The cosmatesche tombs of the ‘200 are amazing.


Rome Church of San Cosimato

This church is dedicated to a saint who never existed. Cosimato is a mix between Cosma and Damiano.


Rome Church of San Callisto

Inside on the altar of the right chapel the angels are attributed to Gian Lorenzo Bernini.


Rome Church of Santa Maria in Trastevere

It is the most famous church of Trastevere, and it is very ancient. The façade ‘s mosaics of the middle age are wonderful


Rome Church of San Paolo alla Regola

Founded in 1186. The beautiful facade of the post baroque era is rich of plasters and concave and convex shapes.


Rome Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin

This beautiful church is full of items and is mainly famous for the Bocca della verità which is situated in the porch.


Rome Church of San Silvestro al Quirinale

The beautiful golden roof is from XVI secolo.

In the vault there are some amazing frescos of the end the XVI century.



Rome Church of Sant’Agata dei Goti

The beautiful “Ciborio intarsiato” was realized by Cosmati (a family of masters of the marble) during the XII century.


Rome Church of San Pietro in Vincoli

It was built so as to contain St. Peter’s chains. Here there is the Famous Moses of Michelangelo.


Rome Church of San Clemente

It was erected during the IV century. In the inferior basilica there are some frescos which refer to the life of the saint.


Rome Church of San Giovanni e Paolo

It is from the IV century. The roman bell tower is splendid and its basement includes the temple Claudio’s ruins.


San Sebastiano al Palatino

It is a little paradise situated in the center of Rome, which if you are lucky can be visited ringing the door bell.


Rome  Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore

It is one of the four patriarchal basilicas of Rome. It is full of different elements which came from different eras.


Rome Church of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme

It is one of the most ancient Roman Basilicas there are kept the relic of the holy cross.


Rome Church of San Giovanni in Laterano

It is one of the four patriarchal churches of Rome and the cathedral’s city. You can not miss it.


Rome Church of San Pancrazio

The beautiful Basilica of the fifth century is placed above some ancient tombs of the third century.


Rome Church of Santa Sabina

It is a paleochristian basilica well preserved and full of lots of items to see. The medieval choir is wonderful.


Rome of Basilica di San Paolo fuori le Mura

It is one of the four patriarchal basilicas of Rome. The “quadriportical” which precede the façade is amazing.


Rome Church of SS. Pietro e Paolo

It is an happy expression of the “modern edificio Sacro”. Two very interesting high relieves are kept there.


Rome  Abbazia of delle tre fontane

This complex is constituted of three delicious churches of the XVI century scattered in a eucalyptus grove.


Rome Church of Sant’Egidio

It was the church of the neighboring “carmelitano” ‘s convent which has become the “Folklore museum”.


Rome Church of SS. Dorotea e Silvestro

Completed in 1756 on the foundation of a XI century church , it was concave façade typical of the 18th century.


Rome Church of San Pietro in Montorio

It was built during the middle age but the façade is from the Renaissance. In the interior there are 2 large chapels.


Rome Church of San Giovanni Evangelista e Petronio

The façade of the ‘500 is based on Corinthian Columns . the interior Greek cross shaped is rich of interior decoration.

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