Ferragosto in Rome

Maratona di Roma, Rome Marathon, Marathon of Rome, Italy
5 March 2013
Saints Peter and Paul on June 29 the feast of the patron saints of Rome, Italy
6 March 2013

Ferragosto in Rome

History  of Ferragosto:

Mid-August is a public holiday that falls on August 15. The term derives from the Latin phrase feriae August Augusti (rest of Augustus) indicating a feast instituted by the Emperor Augustus in 18 BC that was added to existing and ancient holidays falling in the same month as the Vinalia rustic or Consualia to celebrate the harvest and the end of the main agricultural activities. The ancient August, in addition to the obvious purpose of self-promotion policy, was intended to connect the major holidays Agostini to provide an adequate rest period, also said Augustali necessary after the great effort expended during the previous weeks.

During the celebrations, throughout the empire were organized horse racing and draft animals, oxen, donkeys and mules, were exempted from work and adorned with flowers. These ancient traditions are still alive today, virtually unchanged in form and participation during the “Palio of the Assumption” which takes place on August 16 in Siena. The very name “Palio” is derived from “pallium”, the cloth of fine cloth which was the usual prize for the winners of horse races in ancient Rome.
On this occasion, the workers handing out cards to the owners, in exchange for a tip: the custom root deep, so that during the Renaissance was made compulsory in the Papal States.

Ferragosto in Rome:

The Ferragosto in Rome offers a deserted city residents, full of tourists and organized than to spend the Romans and not a day full of events. The Capitol organizes special days for grandparents Romans, museums are all open and you can attend fabulous fireworks. This evening shows are organized from the center to the beach, concerts, movies on the beach and every other kind of entertainment.


Roma ferragosto


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