Jewish Ghetto

Ludus Magnus
24 January 2014
Mausoleum of Augustus
25 January 2014

Jewish Ghetto

The archaeological area between the Via del Mare and the old ghetto has undergone important work over the last decade which has partly changed its appearance.

The complex of the Porticus of Octavia which overlooks the Circus Flaminius (the area of the old ghetto) was rebuilt by Augustus between 27 and 23 BC to replace the older Porticus of Mete 11 us and dedicated to his sister Octavia.

The currently visible remains date back mainly to restoration work from the reign of Septimius Severus.

lt was a quadriporticus measuring 119 meters by 132 with one aisle running along the front and down two of its sides and it contained the temples of Juno Regina and Jupiter Statorthe Curia and two librariesGreekand Latin.

The main front of the porticus, towards the Circus Flaminius, and the south-east corner have been preserved for the most part and can be seen. The front was broken by imposing monumental gateways in the middle.The archaeological area is currently joined to that of the Theatre of Marcellus, forming a single itinerary.

Theatre of Marcellus :The Theatre of Marcellus is a typical example of a Roman theatre, which did not depend on the lay of the land for its construction like the Greek theatre.

The semicircular cave was built on an underlying structure: semi-circular and radial walls in blocks of tufa,tufa reticulate and brick provided the framework upon which the white marble tiers rested.

The external facade is in three storey of travertine limestone, of which the first two, with arches on piers withDoric and Ionic semi columns, are for the most part intact.

The top storey was a plain wall with Corinthian pilaster strips.

The theatre was started by Julius Caesar and completed by Augustus, who dedicated it to his nephewMarcellus.

Due to its proximity to the river it was used as a fortress by the Pierleone and Fabi families.

In the 16th century Baldassarre Peruzzi built the present palazzo for the Savelli, and it was bought by the Orsini family two centuries later.

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