Jump Inside History in Rome

Must See Markets in Rome
23 August 2014
The Bath of Diocletian
28 August 2014

Jump Inside History in Rome

Hystory Coliseo visitas guiadas Rome is full to the brim with tour guides focusing on its colourful, and often bloody, history. These are often fascinating and provide a great background into how life used to be in this city. From tour buses, to walking tours and bicycle exploration, there is a huge variety of different ways to get to know the captivating history of Rome. Toursaren’t the only way to really get inside the history of Rome, though. For a real trip back into the past, why not enrol in Gladiator School and get as close as you possibly can to understanding what these brave ‘entertainers’ went through all those centuries ago.

According to The Daily Mail, ‘New York was gazumped by Rome from second place, falling out of the top 10’ cities to visit in the world. This really is no surprise when you consider the beautiful, iconic sites that have made this city as famous as it is today. The fact, however, that this is just the start of what this picturesque, beautiful city has to offer is perhaps the reason why it stays in the hearts of all those who visit it, and provides reason for people to keep returning and discovering more of the hidden, quirky elements of this wonderful city.

By Susie Lowell

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