Railway line FR7

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3 July 2013
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3 July 2013

Railway line FR7

The Station

The regional railway FR7 is the name of a line of railway public transport part of the Lazio regional rail service. In 2009, 2,527,713 were made train (including trains up to Minto and the branch for Terracina). It is spread from Rome to Formia for about 128 km.
The line FR7 uses the infrastructure of the railway line Rome-Naples (via Formia).
Connect Rome (terminus with the Station) in Formia.
It is estimated that on average carry about 40,000 passengers a day.
The numbering of the line (FR7) only appears in the information material (maps of public transport) and in the signs of some stations. In the scoreboards of the stations is only the initials R and the numbering of the race.

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