Ludus Magnus

Mithraeum of The Circus Maximum
24 January 2014
Cloaca Maxima
24 January 2014

Ludus Magnus

 The Ludus Magnus was the biggest gladiator training school in Rome. It was built by the emperor-king Domitian (81-98 AD) in the valley between the Esquiline and Caelian Hills, in an area already occupied byrepublican and Augustan-age buildings.

The remains currently visible are from a rebuilding of the monument, attributed to Trajan (98-117).

The Ludus Magnus was located here because it was built to serve the spectacles held in the Flavian Amphitheatre (the Colosseum).

The two buildings were directly linked by an under­ground passageway which led from the underground spaces ofthe Amphitheatre to the south-west corner of the Ludus.

The remains include a helix-shaped area for training, a small cave for spectators and living quarters and service areas. (it)

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