Motorcycle rallies Information

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15 March 2013
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21 March 2013

Motorcycle rallies Information

Information about motorcycle rallies in Rome:

Every year in Rome as in all the other cities of Italy are organized wonderful events and meetings of all kinds, those of greater frequency and attendance are gatherings of motorcycles and cars. These take place on the streets marching all together and carefully following the highway code, some events, not all end in big squares of the city. The main purpose of the event is the meeting of fans of touring and institutions which generally refer are the IMF (Italian Motorcycling Federation) or sporting organizations such as cones, but can also be performed by the individual motorclub always with the necessary authorizations from the local and strict compliance with the rules of the road. There are meetings at local, regional, national and international united by the fact that you can only participate regularly approved models. The motorcycle rallies, they are usually open to every participant regardless of the vehicle owned, very often, however, these events can also be based on specific motorcycle that often support the event officially dedicated to them.



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