Rome Pasta Museum

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Rome Pasta Museum

Museo della Pasta a Roma

Rome Museums – Rome Pasta Museum – Museums in Rome – Italy

Rome Museums – Rome Pasta Museum – Museums in Rome – Italy – Behind Piazza Fontana di Trevi at the foot of the Quiranal Hill is a unique Museumthe National Pasta Museum, which covers the eight centuries of history of this staple and quintessentially Italian dish in elevendisplay rooms, with a view to promoting it as a nutritionally valid and economical alternative in order to resolvethe world food crisis.

Opened in 1993 with the aid of the Vincenzo Agnesi Foundationthe museum contains a varied collection of material, which ranges from old machinery and traditional implements, such as rolling pins and sieves, to documentation of the subject in the form of antique printsdrawingsedicts and documents regardingtaxes on pasta over the centuries.

From the wheat to the finished product all the phases of manufacture (traditional and industrial), fromblending to drying, are covered in the different rooms, illustrated by machines which range from the firstrudimentary millstones (such as the kneading machine, which served to homogenize the mixture of ground wheat and water) to the modern mixers and the revolutionary invention of drying techniques, which have made it possible to keep pasta for years on end and thus to export it throughout the world.

The early history of modern bread-making techniques, creation of the format and baking, which were the heirs of the traditional techniques, have been brought back to life and placed in their historical context through the reconstruction of a proper pasta factory of the early industrial age, consisting of five machines in perfect working order, and documents dating back to 1154 bear witness to the length of the pasta-making tradition in Italy and the trading of pasta with Muslim countries.

This is therefore a little jewel in the history of Italian custom, which may also be savoured in its entertaining references in the world of cinema and theatre, to which two of the rooms are devoted.

These contain the irresistible photos of Totò and Alberto Sordi, and also items of interest such as the “container full of macaroni” bequeathed in a manuscript of 1279, alongside the works of modern artists inspired by the subject: CristaLatellaScaglonePenel and Di Raco.

Information and Addresses

Address Piazza Scanderbeg, 117

Visiting Hours Every day from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm Closed Dec. 25, Jan. 1

Telephone 06 6991119; Fax 06 6991109

Price € 10,00; concessions € 7,00

For tours and guided tours or 

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