Rome Official Rome city guide

Rome Official Rome city guide

Rome Official Rome city guide

Rome Official Rome city guide

Rome Official Rome city guide 

Rome is one of the world’s great cities. There are many reasons to visit Rome and here you can find all information to discover the eternal city.  Accommodations, (whatever your budget, find and book accommodations in Rome getting the best rates guaranteed). How to visit Rome! Our guide covers Rome, the Vatican City and it’ s surroundings, a selection of hotels, B&Bs, Apartments, camping and more  Places to go in Rome, best restaurants, Rome transportation, shopping and city tours and sightseeing of Rome and the Vatican city.

For the visitor, Rome is a awesome place. Monuments from the capital’s glorious past are everywhere, from ancient Roman remains to the beautiful  baroque churches. There is no shortage of things to do in Rome: you can relax in the city’s elegant squares, explore the narrow alleyways of the city center, stroll along the main shopping streets, and uncover the quirks of what is still identifiably a collection of ages and  architectural styles . The largest  archaeological area in the world, with a population of three million, Rome is also incredibly various, offering the richest art collection in the all world and all kind of entertainments.

The capital’s great historical landmarks, Coliseum, Roman Forum, San Peter’s Basilica , the Pantheon, Trevi fountain, and so on – draw in millions of tourists every year. Since the turn of the millennium, all of Rome’s world-class museums, galleries and institutions have been reinvented, from the  to the  Moa museum to the Maxxi , Rome boasts one of  the world’s largest  and various number of museums.

You could spend days just shopping in Rome, mixing with the upper classes in the Spanish steps district  or sampling the offbeat weekend markets of “Porta Portese”. The city’s restaurants,”Osterias”, pizzerias, gelaterias, wineries and  pubs have always had heaps of atmosphere, and food is the major attraction too, with an incredible number of restaurants and the wide choice of cuisines . The music, clubbing , dance troupes, exhibitions and opera are one more good reason to visit Rome.

Rome’s special atmosphere comes mostly, however, from the life on its streets. Rome at night is a mystic  and romantic experience ideal moment to discover the secrets of the Caput Mundi.

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