Rome Trastevere

Rome Trastevere


Rome Trastevere – The residents of Trastevere speak of themselves as Noiantri “we ourselves”-a tradition celebrated every July with an all-night feast, but in fact it is among the most welcoming of Roman neighbourhoods, filled with cafés, restaurants, and shops.

its twisting backstreets rich with the scent of  home cooking. From Piazza Belli, take the second street to the right, V. Della Lungaretta, to the Piazza di S. Maria in Trastevere, the liveliest part of the district and its undis­puted heart.

Rome Trastevere

Local families chase their toddlers around the graceful fountain in the center of the square, while tourists gape at the incomparable 12th-c. Byzantine mosaic facade of the Church of St. Maria, depicting Mary with the suckling infant Jesus, flanked by 10 young women carrying oil lamps, The interior is equally dazzling.

Leave time after visiting the church to explore nearby streets, then follow v. dI S. Cosimiato (to the right of the fountain) out of the  piazza to V. di S. Francesco a Ripa.

Turn left; the street cuts diagonally across the district to Piazza di S. Francesco d Assisi and the church of St. Francesco a Ripa , where you  can visit S. Francis’s cell. Follow V. Anicia out of the piazza to V. Della Madonna dell’Orto, right to V. di S. Michele, and left to Piazza dei Mercanti and the Church of St. Cecilia .

From here, follow the map back toPiazza G. Belli by way of tiny Piazza Piscinula.

Trastevere is a picturesque medieval area located on the west bank of theTiber. The area escaped the grand developments which changed the face of central Rome, and is a charming place to wander, eat or relax.


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