Saint Paul

Rome Catholic Church
25 January 2014
Churches Cattolic
25 January 2014

Saint Paul

The interiors large and solemn. the facade is provided with six ancient columns in marble band.

Constantine founded San Paolo to commemorate the martyrdom of Saint Paul at nearby Tre Fontane – named after three fountains that sprang up as his decapitated head bounced three times.

The church has been destroyed, rebuilt and restored several times, and the present building is essentially only 150 years old, though a few details and a wonderful cloister survive (which closes from l pm to 3pm) from its ancient beginnings.

In the sacristy there are several canvasses and four frescoed portraits, the remnants of a series of Papal portraits that once lined the nave.

The modem church has carried on this tradition, replacing the originals with mosaic portraits of all the Popes from Peter to the present incumbent.

There are only eight spaces left, after which, apparently, the world will end.

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