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Porticus of Ottavia
24 January 2014
Mausoleum of Augustus
24 January 2014

Sette Sale


This gigantic cistern fed the Baths of Trajan, the monumental nature and size of which required a special water supply.

The building is completely artificial, and the visible parts are faced in brickwork.

It was built on two levels, the lower one resting directly on the ground, with the sole function of raising the actual water container so that the pressure was always sufficient to feed the baths.

The cistern consists of nine parallel compartments: the tank had a capacity of over 8 million liters and was partly embedded in the ground and rendered more solid by the use of rectangular buttresses.

The interior of the compartments is lined in waterproof terracotta paste right up to the barrel vaulting, which was constructed on a double camber strip of different sized bricks of which the imprints are still visible in the concrete.

Information and Addresses

Address Via delle Terme di Traiano, 5/B

Price € 3,00; concessions € 1,50

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