St.Peter Square in The Vatican City

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23 April 2014
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23 April 2014

St.Peter Square in The Vatican City

St.Peter Square

Bernini’s gargantuan colonnade, 196 m (640 ft) across, embraces the hordes of worshippers and tourist arriving at St.Peter square.
Its the perfect ellipse is confirmed bu the optical illusion of disappearing columns afforded by standing at one of the focus points – marble disc set between the central 1st-century BC obelisk, carved in Egypt for the Roman Prefect, and either fountain: Bernini’s on the left, Domenico Fontana’s on the right.

The Vatican City

More than just a city, the Vatican (città del Vaticano) is actually the world’s smallest independent sovereignInformation about the Vatican state, established by the Lateran Treaties in 1929. It is ruled by the Pope (il Papa) and covers an area of just 108 acres / 43 hectares. Close to the right bank of the River Tiber (Fiume Tevere), the Vatican City has its own civil and judicial systems, post office, bank, newspaper, radio station, supermarket and railway station. Often referred to as the Holy See, the most popular places to visit include St. Peter’s Basilica (Basilica di San Pietro) and the Sistine Chapel (cappella Sistina).
The Pope usually gives a public audience at 11:00 every Wednesday, and if you wish to attend you should apply at the nearby Prefetura della Casa Pontifica on the day before.


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