Stadium of Dominitian

Museum National Etruscan
25 January 2014
Roman Forum
25 January 2014

Stadium of Dominitian


This is an important example of a circus in masonry, the extent of which is represented by the area of the current Piazza Navona.

The original walls were uncovered in 1936 during the demolition of the housing which stood on top.

After excavation, the surviving walls were incorporated into the Palazzo dell’INA.

The stadium is built in the form of a circus (265 meters by 106): its long sides are parallel, while one of its short sides is curved and the other is slightly oblique.

Certain important works of art found in the area have been identified as having adorned the stadium, for example the statue known famously as Pasquino, which is a group featuring Patroclus and Menelaus, and also other statues found in the streets surrounding the four sides of the building during other excavations carried out at various moments.

Information and Addresses

Address Piazza di Tor Sanguigna,’3

Price € 3,00; concessions € 1,50

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