Vatican Gardens

20 October 2014
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22 October 2014

Vatican Gardens

Vatican Gardens in The Vatican City – Information about Rome information about the Vatican Gardens in the Vatican city – Official Guided tours in Vatican Garden in Rome – attraction in the Holy see.

The Vatican Gardens have been a place of quiet and meditation for the Popes ever since 1279 when Nicholas III  moved his residence back tothe VVatican gardens atican from the Lateran Palace.

Within the new walls, which he had built to protect hisresidence, he planted an orchard (pomerium), a lawn(pratellum) and a garden (viridarium).

The event is recorded among other places on a stone plaque which can be viewed in the “Sala dei Capitani” of the “Palazzo dei Conservatori” on Rome’s Capitoline Hill.

Created around the hill of Saint Egidio where today can be found the “Palazzetto del Belvedere” building and the courtyards of the Vatican Museums, this was to be the firstGarden in the Vatican.

Along the ilex avenue that leads on from here to the French Garden you will be struck by the strong scent of the flowers and wood of the majestic camphor tree (Cinnamomum glanduliferum Meissn).

Beyond this Garden lies the heliport built under Vatican GardensPope Paul VI (Giovanni Battista Montini, 1963-1978) which Roman Pontiffs now regularly use when going on their numerous pastoral journeys.

The heliport has been placed under the protection of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa depicted here in a bronze image.

From here one can admire the great open space of the French Garden, by strolling along the red rock paths lined with ancient terracotta pots adorned with the papal coat of arms and filled with stunning azaleas(Rhododendron L. sp.).

Placed here is a dug-in water cistern which can hold up to eight million litres of water necessary for irrigation, filling up the fountains and an anti-fire precaution of the Gardens.

Surrounding this area are some rare trees.

Among these are: an Australian silk-oak (Grevillea robusta A.Cunn.), two very tall examples of dawn redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides Hu & Cheng.), an olive tree donated by the State of Israel to mark the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Holy See, and a wide variety of other trees donateVatican Gardensd over the years by different delegations visiting theHoly Father.

Wander the gardens of the Vatican City, witnessing the beauty and splendor of the delightfulfountains and a curious mixture of mythology and sacred history. Walk in the steps of history while experiencing the lavish aromas of the surrounding ancient wood, filled with leafy Holm oaks, bitter oaks, durmast oaks cypresses and even a majestic beech.

These 44.5 acres of gardens within the Vatican walls offer you the chance to sense the generations of popes who walked through these fascinatinggardens.

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