Flamenco Tango Neapolis at the Casa del Jazz – I Concerti nel parco

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Flamenco Tango Neapolis at the Casa del Jazz – I Concerti nel parco

Roma Tango

Flamenco Tango Neapolis at the Casa del Jazz – I Concerti nel parco Roma Tango

Flamenco Tango Neapolis will be the guest of the prestigious Roman summer music event “I concerti nel parco” to be held at the Casa del Jazz park, Wednesday 1 August 2018 at 9.00 pm

Flamenco Tango Neapolis presents his show entitled “Arrassusìa” (which in Naples means “Never Be!”), An exciting contamination between the Neapolitan song, the impetuous rhythms of flamenco and the elegance of Argentine tango.

The artistic project of Salvo Russo (Neapolitan musician and composer) was chosen to conclude this important musical event that, this year, has hosted national and international artists such as Joey Alexander, Suzanne Vega, Avion Travel, Graham Nash and Gio Evan.

In this new show, Flamenco Tango Neapolis accompanies us in a fascinating “journey in music” that starts from our South, or Naples, and makes us discover the traditions, energy and emotions of “other South of the world”, Andalusia and Argentina.

The music is original compositions and arrangements by Salvo Russo and is masterfully performed by an ensemble of highly artistic multi-instrumental musicians: Salvo Russo (piano, percussion and vocals), Marco Pescosolido (cello), Agostino Oliviero (violin, Arabic oud, guitar ) and Gianni Migliaccio (flamenco guitar, percussion and vocals).

The dance is represented by a pair of flamenco dancers (Alessia Demofonti and Massimiliano De Pasquale “El Bicho”) and by a pair of Argentine tango dancers (Sabrina Amato and Daniel Montano).

And so “Scalinatella” becomes the Muse that inspires the flamenco pasiòn, that “Cerasella” recreates the atmosphere of the Argentine milongas and that “Lo Guarracino” bursts with all the energy of a “Buleria napulitana” in a real “Juerga flamenca”.

The colors of Naples, therefore, mixed with those of Andalusia and South America explode musically on stage creating intense atmospheres, enriched by the magic of flamenco baile and Argentine tango.

A bright, romantic and evocative painting that reveals itself to the viewer through the art of music, dance and theater, capturing the mind and heart in a show to be experienced!

Info and ticket purchase:

Wednesday 1 August 2018 at 21.00
Jazz House Roma Tango

To buy on Ticket One click HERE
On-site sales

The ticket office at the Casa del Jazz will be open from 1 July 2018 with 17.00 / 22.00 hours.
On show nights, the ticket office opens at 19.00. It is not possible to make telephone reservations.

Video of Flamenco Tango Neapolis at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome


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